"Berlin Centre" Walking Tour

  • Worldwide Clock/ Park Inn Hotel
  • TV Tower
  • Fountain of Neptune
  • Red City Hall
  • Marien Church
  • Nikolai Quarters
  • The Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom)
  • Future place for Berlin Palace
  • Under the Linden “trees”
  • Bebelplatz “Opera House”
  • Gendarmen Marketplace
  • Memorial fort he murdered Jews of Europe (Holocaust Memorial)
  • Brandenburger Gate
  • Parliament Buildings (Reichstag) Chanclery
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April - October
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03.00 pm

November - March
Mo, Tu, We, ThFr, Sa, So
10:00 am


3.40 km 2:50 St. 17,00 € 13,00 €

Berlin Centre – a walking tour in transition of the centurys

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Tour description for the „Berlin Centre“-walking tour

Our “Berlin Centre” tour starts at the Alex (Alexanderplatz) as we Berliner call it. Our meeting point is the Worldwide Clock. Why? Because Berliner meet here when they appoint. And when a Berliner guides the guests they make a break at the Gendarmen Marketplace. The “Berlin Centre”-walking tour is a must for every “New-Berliner” because at this tour you cross a lot of the most popular buildings and places in Berlin. Of course you can’t see and everything but for the non-visited buildings you can get tips from our guides.

Meeting point is the Worldwide Clock on the Alexanderplatz

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