Stations of old and new Berlin

  • former border-crossing Bornholmerstr./ Place of Nov.9th'
  • Oranienburgerstr./ Main Postal Station/ New Synagoge
  • Friedrichstadt Palast/ Variety shows
  • Berlin Charite/University-Hospital
  • Berlin Main-Train Station
  • Parliament-Buildings / Reichstag
  • Brandenburg Gate/ Tiergarten
  • Holocaust Memorial / Potsdam Place
  • Gendarmenmarkt/ German and French Dom
  • Bebelplatz/ Humboldt University
  • Unter den Linden/ Berlin Dom
  • Rotes Rathaus/ Cityhall
  • Neptunfountain/ TV-Tower/ Marien Church
  • Alexander Place/ Worldtime clock/ Park Inn Hotel
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This tour is a colorful mix of history and present, with stories of real life experience and rumors. This tour is a must for all Berlin fans and newcomers to this great city.

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Tour description of Berlin Mitte - bike tour

Our 'Berlin Mitte Tour' starts at the historic place, Bornholmer Street, where East and West-Berliners hugged on the day the Berlin Wall collapsed. We cycle on bike paths and less traveled secondary roads to the Brandenburg Gate and back.

This tour will lead us to the historic and eventful places of old and new Berlin. First stop is the Oranienburger Street, the new Berlin party mile. Passing the former 'Kaiserliches Postfuhramt' (Headquarters of the Prussian Post) along the 'New Synagoge', nearly destroyed during the early Nazi times. Next stop is the 'Friedrichstadt Palast', with the worlds biggest show stage and its exciting mix of traditional and modern variety shows for young and old.

Across the 'Hauptbahnhof' (Central train station) is Germany's biggest hospital , which was built as an army hospital and dealt with the plague in the late 17 th.century. Not far away, we find the Reichstag and the government buildings with the German Chancellery. Finally, we see the status symbol of Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate.

On our way back we will pass many historic and modern places and buildings such as The Holocaust Memorial, Potsdam Place, Gendarmen Market, one of the most beautiful places in europe and the Bebel Place, where in 1933 the infamous Nazi book burning took place. Cycling through the original center of the city, the Nikolai quarters, we pass the Red City Hall, the Neptune Fountain, the 368 m high TV - Tower and the Marien Church as well as the Alexander Place. Our last stop is the World Time Clock ' the Berlin meeting point'. From here we bike through the districts of Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg back to our starting point.

At the end of this tour you have seen many Berlin symbols and heard a lot about the history and daily life of this city.The 'Berlin Mitte tour' with our 'Berlin Wall Tour' is the most exciting tour for our first time Berlin visitors and guests.

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